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Board/Committee Highlights for November 2016


Ethics Case Review – The Committee reviewed a case presentation relating to professional boundaries within scope of care and relationships with residents. Staff members work closely with residents and their families and often strong bonds are developed. The Committee discussed what is considered normal scope of practice and commitment towards resident care within the mission and values of the hospital. The Committee reflected on the question of professional boundaries and self-care and identified possible conflict between the principles of autonomy and beneficence. The Committee advocated for staff education on professional boundaries within their care.


Financial Performance –The 2016-17 funding letter from Island Health has been received. We will be submitting a final revised budget to the Finance Committee of the Board for approval, which is balanced and reconciled to the actual final funding approved for this year. Year-to-date we are on budget as of the end of period 7.

Activity levels, year-to-date, continue to be higher than last year throughout the hospital, including inpatient days, number of surgeries, diagnostic exams , ambulatory care visits and emergency visits.

Capital – The upgrades to refresh the physical environment at The Views continues to progress. We are engaging a consultant to specify and procure equipment for our new dining service model. Consultants, Field & Marten, have been engaged to assist with schematic design and operational plans for the Future Role of St. Joseph's, Phase One, replacement and new beds for residential and hospice care.

Audit – KPMG's has been asked to propose an audit plan for segregation of the acute balance sheet next September to include a scope of work, work plan, methodology, and fees.


Board Advancement Day – The Committee is scheduled to meet on December 21st. A key focus of this meeting will be planning for the upcoming Board Advancement Day in February/March 2017. The objectives of the annual Advancement Day include an environmental scan and analysis of the governance key strategic actions¾"big dot" areas of focus, as determined by the Board, that present risk and opportunity for the organization.

  1. Development of a vibrant and sustainable future role for St. Joseph's, building on key partnerships
  2. Maintain quality of care and services through transition
  3. Support quality care and access through effective patient flow and reduction in Alternate Level of Care patients
  4. Support the transition of acute care services to the new Island Health Comox Valley Hospital
  5. Support and retain our valuable staff, physicians and volunteers through this time of change and transition


Patient Safety Week 2016 - Patient Safety Week was held from October 24th-28th, 2016. The purpose of Canadian Patient Safety Week is to increase awareness of patient safety issues and share information about best practices with healthcare providers, patients, residents and their families.

This year's presentations included:

  • "Polypharmacy Initiative: Reducing Inappropriate Medications"
  • "Zika Virus: Information & Updates"
  • "The Coroner's Act & Process: Linking Investigations to Quality Improvement" A Patient Safety Week booth was set up in the cafeteria, providing information on our key initiatives, hand hygiene and infection numbers, as well as how quality and patient safety issues are monitored and communicated across the organization.

Patient-and Family-Centered Care (PFCC) - in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, all health authorities are participating in a provincial patient satisfaction survey for acute care. Patients who are discharged from our hospital from September 1st, 2016-February 28th, 2017 will be surveyed via a telephone script, or may complete a survey online. The questions will focus on patient outcomes (e.g. the effectiveness of the patient's treatment) and the patient experience (e.g. did the patient feel valued). The results will be available by March 2017 and will be shared with staff for learning and for quality improvement purposes.


The Task Force met and confirmed St. Joseph's vision to develop a hub of excellence and innovation with an emphasis on seniors' and hospice care. We envision the existing St. Joseph's site will be anchored by an "aging in place" campus of care featuring various housing and care options for seniors. This would include fully independent living, assisted living, residential care and hospice care.

New and innovative concepts in primary care and multidisciplinary models to support people with dementia as well as marginalized and special care populations are being explored and examined.

A plan is in development for the next phase of community consultation and engagement, relative to our future role vision.

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