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Day Care

Patient Care - Day Care

These services allow patients to receive treatment and/or have procedures performed that do not require being admitted for more than 23 hours at the hospital. This benefits patients by minimizing disruption to home and/or work. Nurses offer patients support and direction during treatment, pre- and post-operative care, and then instruction and education on discharge to ensure a successful outcome in the home setting. Normally, patients leave within 23 hours or less.

Ward BedVisiting in the Daycare area is restricted due to the lack of space and also to provide privacy to other patients. Family members providing transportation/support are asked to wait in the lobby or visit the cafeteria.

In Surgical Daycare, the family may remain with the patient, particularly if s(he) is a child.

Patients from the Daycare programs may be followed by the Medical/Surgical Outreach Nurse if their condition requires further watching. Should a patient recently discharged have concerns or questions, they are encouraged to call the Outreach Nurse (339-1551) or the Daycare Unit (339-1522).