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Diagnotic Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging

Doctors can determine much from symptoms and physical examinations. In many cases the evidence from a peek inside the body can make a dramatic difference in diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Such inside views come from the radiology (x-ray) and ultrasound facilities in St. Joseph's Hospital, which serve the entire Comox Valley region.

Radiology and ultrasound examinations are done only with a written order from the attending physician.

Patients booked to have ultrasound or radiology examinations should follow carefully the preparation instructions on the back of the requisition form provided by the referring physician.

The department is affiliated with the Screening Mammography Program of B.C. All appointments for screening mammograms are booked by calling 1-800-663-9203. Women may at any time book their own appointment without a written order from their physician. Women between 40-50 years of age are eligible to have a screening study done at 1-2 year intervals, and women over 50 annually. We strongly encourage all women in these age groups to call and make an appointment, particularly if there is a family history of cancer.