St. Joseph's General Hospital Health Care with Compassion  

Patient Care - Emergency

The hospital's front line is the Emergency Department where patients arrive either under their own power, (ambulatory) or on a stretcher, with conditions as varied as sprained thumbs to heart attacks. Physicians and nurses are there, ready to help, at any time of the day or night.

Emergency Trauma RoomDesigned primarily for patients requiring immediate treatment, Emergency cares for incoming patients on a priority basis. That means some patients may have to wait if there are other patients with more serious conditions requiring immediate care.

Our renovated Emergency Department (official opening May 24, 1997) includes 5 emergency bays, 1 paediatric/minor treatment room, 2 trauma bays, 1 seclusion room.

A separate outpatient department of 4 treatment rooms serves patients who are scheduled for procedures.

In the event that you might one day find yourself in the Emergency Department, you can help the doctors by making it a habit to carry a list of your current medications and allergies. Be sure to carry your B.C. Care Card and your blue St. Joseph's card (if you have been issued one) with you at all times.

Once in Emergency, it is important to not eat or drink anything while waiting to be seen by the doctor until received permission to do so. Also, do not leave the department without notifying a nurse.