St. Joseph's General Hospital Health Care with Compassion  
Enviromental Services

Enviromental Services

Environmental Services include a number of support service activities. Under its umbrella are the following:

Building Security Systems

Security cameras, door monitors, patient wandering system, 24-hour security staff.

Housekeeping Services

General cleaning, floor care, bedmaking, storage of equipment, furnishings & records, room set-up for meetings and special events, in-hospital moves.

Industrial First Aid

Levels 1 and 2

Linen and Laundry Services

Sewing, sorting linens, including resident clothing.

Waste Management

Recycling, garbage removal, disposal of sharps and hazardous materials.

Physical Plant

Operation of the building and building systems, i.e. heating, air conditioning, electrical, gas, water, telephone, paging, medical gases and life safety systems.


Repair and maintenance of the building and grounds and all fixed and mobile equipment not specifically used for diagnostics or treatment, but including sterilization, food production and laundry equipment.


Transportation Services

Capital Projects

Renovations, refurbishing of rooms.

Utilities & Energy Management