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Floors - First Floor

One of the most diverse areas in the hospital, First Floor houses outpatients as well as patients in orthopaedics, otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat), and paediatrics (children's) ward.


Working as a team, the registered nurses and the licensed practical nurses on the First Floor work closely with the physicians and therapists to provide the care and support needed for their patients. The major focus on the First Floor is the orthopaedic patient. The goal is to encourage patients to get up and move around as soon as possible. Research proves that early remobilization after repairs of fractured bones or orthopaedic surgery helps to maintain strength and physical well-being. We believe the best care and support we can give our patients is to support the patients in regaining their ability to care for themselves.
Orthopedic Surgery - Discharge Instructions


St. Joseph's permits parents to care for their child while on the ward as much as they wish. The nurses will provide all nursing care required, but will also respect a parent's time with their child. Nursing staff will work to assist parents and families create a supportive environment at home to promote early discharge from hospital. Parents and families of sick children require special support and understanding of their stresses and concerns about their youngsters. Nursing Staff, Doctors, Social Work and Pastoral Care are available to assist by answering questions or providing emotional support. A pamphlet about the "Children's Ward" is available; please ask for it.
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