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Hospital Circa 1917


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1913 - 1949 : St. Joseph’s Hospital History

  Photographic Archive

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Sister Everita with two other unknown Sisters. Below is the hospital grounds and entrance in 1913.
The waiting room in 1914.
This picture was taken in 1915.
Hospital Circa 1917
Yet another addition in 1923 increased the hospital capacity to 35.
Here doctors and nurses are operating on a patient in the 1940's.
St. Joseph's General Hospital 1945. Cars were still rare in the 1940's.
In 1944 Princess Margaret (on left), Sister Maryand Mrs. Palme, the owner of the car in the background, paid a visit to Comox
In the fall of 1945 it was common to harvest corn from the fields arround the hospital.
This is the oldest picture of the Main Operating Room in 1945.
Dr. Masst & Dr. Mooney 1946
A Doctor and baby in 1947
Sisters of St Joseph's Hospital in 1948
In 1948 these officers and crew from the HMS Sheffield visited Comox.
Summer Garden Party 1948.
Sister Majella and Sister Claudia with a crew of men around the hospital.
The first x-ray equipment
This shiny machine is an autoclave which was used to sterilize the equipment and tools for surgery.
The original altar.