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Patient Floors

Patient Care - Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

For patients with life threatening conditions, the ICU offers a high ratio of staffing in a setting that features a variety of modern monitoring and treatment equipment, close at hand. Both nursing and physician care are provided 24 hours a day.

ICU Nursing StationA family waiting room is located next door to the unit. Up to two visitors at a time are allowed in the ICU; having more is considered deleterious to the serious conditions of patients and staff must have unobstructed room to work effectively. Unless specific arrangements have been made with the nurse in charge, only immediate family members may visit. Visitors must ring the buzzer at the ICU door and wait for the nurse to allow them inside.

Due to the importance of controlling infection and the limited space, flowers are not permitted in ICU. No food other than the hospital diet is allowed.

Patients are often moved within the hospital. Visitors who find a patient gone from ICU should not be alarmed; they should check with a staff member as to the whereabouts of their relative/friend.

St. Joseph's recommends that families choose one person to be a contact person and leave his or her number with the ICU staff. If there is any change in the patient's condition, the nursing staff will make every effort to contact the designated person, who can relay the information to others.

While all other personal belongings should be taken home for a patient, toilet articles such as toothbrush and toothpaste, comb and razor (safety or battery-operated) will be needed by her or him.

The ICU staff have a list of local motels and hotels which provide a preferred rate for family members or friends needing assistance in finding accommodation.