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Hospice at The Views will support individuals nearing end of life and their families

"Hospice at The Views will provide services in a residential care setting for Comox Valley residents nearing the end of life, along with support for their families and loved ones," said Don McRae, MLA for the Comox Valley. "By providing $250,000 in funding, our government is taking a big step forward in our commitment to expanding hospice spaces in British Columbia, including on Vancouver Island."

"This new community Hospice service will support local residents as they near the end of their journey, it will ensure that their dignity and comfort is maintained and it will provide support to families and loved ones at a very emotional time," said Don Hubbard, Island Health Board Chair. "These four beds here at Hospice at The Views are the first to open as part of our commitment to double the number of hospice spaces across Island Health to 64 by 2020."

The Ministry of Health provided $250,000 to the St. Joseph's General Hospital Foundation, which in combination with donations from the Comox Valley Hospice Society and St. Joseph's Hospital Foundation, funded extensive renovations at The Views to create a distinct hospice space for patients and their families. The Hospice at The Views will provide a warm and welcoming environment. Each room has ocean and/or garden views and is characterized by peace, quiet, dignity and privacy where palliative patients and their families can receive needed care and feel at home during this challenging time.

"While many individuals prefer to receive palliative care in their own home, there are patients and their families who need the support of a residential hospice service with trained and dedicated staff such as this. We look forward to providing this high quality service to our patients and their families," said Chris Kelsey, St. Joseph's Hospital Board Chair.

In partnership with Island Health and St. Joseph's Hospital, the Comox Valley Hospice Society plays a key role in supporting the needs of dying patients and their families. Comox Valley Hospice's team of health care professionals and trained volunteers deliver quality hospice care and support to patients who are dying and to families who are dealing with grief after losing a loved one.

"We are so very grateful to all of the generous donors who have made the dream of residential hospice care in our community a reality," said Audrey Craig, President, Comox Valley Hospice Society. "Additionally, we are very excited about the innovative partnership in care between St. Joseph's Hospital, Island Health and the Comox Valley Hospice Society."

On behalf of the St. Joseph's Hospital Foundation, Lynn Dashkewytch, Executive Director said, "After all of the generous contributions from our community, it is extremely gratifying to see the realization of this residential hospice service."

Island Health recognizes that community based end-of-life care services are a priority for many communities within Island Health's region. Island Health has developed an end-of-life care plan and will continue to work on enhancements to a range of end-of-life care programs and services, including beds throughout its service area. Island Health's end-of-life care plan is a longā€term vision that will be put in place as resources and competing priorities allow.

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St. Joseph's Awarded Accreditatiion with Exemplary Standing

"On behalf of the Diocese of Victoria, I am extremely pleased to share that Accreditation Canada has awarded St. Joseph's General Hospital 'Accreditation with Exemplary Standing'. The Accreditation Canada survey process is an independent, external review using national standards to assess the care and service provided to our community. Achieving Exemplary Standing reflects St. Joseph's goal to provide the highest standard of care to those we serve," said Mr. Chris Kelsey, Board Chair.

Accreditation with Exemplary Standing
Accreditation with Exemplary Standing

Following the Accreditation Canada on-site survey conducted at the hospital from October 28 through November 1, 2013, St. Joseph's received "Accreditation with Commendation Standing". Accreditation Canada provides the organization the option of submitting additional information to demonstrate how outstanding standards have been met within a six-month timeframe. A submission was made to Accreditation Canada within this timeframe and the hospital was notified on April 10 that it has been successful in the attainment of Exemplary Standing.

Accreditation with Exemplary Standing decision is attained when the "Organization [has] exceeded the most rigorous requirements of the accreditation program." At St. Josephs General Hospital, we have achieved 98% compliance with these standards (there are 1714 in total) and 100% of the Required Organizational Practices. Across Canada, 22% of health care facilities hold this prestigious standing.

Three surveyors spent a week at the hospital last fall and assessed care and services in almost every department, in both the acute care hospital and The Views. Surveyors reviewed plans, procedures and quality and safety programs. The surveyors also spent time in departments and on care units and spoke with community partners, Board members, managers, staff, physicians, patients, residents and families.

Leesa Ferguson, Director of Quality & Risk Management states, "Achieving Accreditation with Exemplary Standing really speaks to our culture of patient safety and continuous improvement at St. Josephs General Hospital. Standards of excellence are embedded in our everyday work and reflective in the practices of our staff and physicians. This award is a true testament to their dedication and commitment to providing the best quality and evidence-based care to our patients and residents."

While the Accreditation Canada surveyors did spend some time in the Laboratory and Diagnostic Imaging Departments, Laboratory and Diagnostic Imaging are accredited under a separate program; both of these departments were surveyed in 2013 and each received an accreditation designation.

Ms. Jane Murphy, President & CEO stated, "Achieving Accreditation with Exemplary Standing is all about commitment to excellence throughout the organization and represents teamwork at all levels. I wish to acknowledge and thank our entire organization (staff, physicians, volunteers) for their commitment to providing outstanding care to our patients and residents. The support from our Foundation, Auxiliary and many community partners is essential to us in achieving our mission. In particular, the support we receive from Island Health has been instrumental in our work. The St. Joseph General Hospital Board of Directors and the Diocese of Victoria have also provided outstanding governance and oversight to the organization. An important aspect of Accreditation Canada is the principle of continual improvement of care and services. Receiving this award is not a final destination; it is a journey and only strengthens our commitment to learn from the accreditation process and continue to develop and improve our care and services on an ongoing basis."

St. Joseph's Named 2013 Business of the Year

St. Joseph's General Hospital was honoured to receive the Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce's 2013 Business of the Year Award; presented at the Annual Community Awards Gala on Saturday, January 25.

St. Joseph's Named 2013 Business of the Year

Mr. Chris Kelsey, Chair of the St. Joseph's Board of Directors stated, "Receiving this award is exciting for us. Our volunteers, staff, physicians and administration have worked tirelessly to deliver quality care to our community, and this is recognition of that hard work and compassion."

It is a great honour to receive this recognition from the community," added Ms. Patti Fletcher, Vice-Chair of the Board who together with Ms. Jane Murphy, President & CEO, had the privilege of accepting the award on behalf of the hospital.

Ms. Murphy stated, "It really is through each and every staff member, physician and volunteer working together as a team, all effectively playing their unique role in our organization that makes us so successful. St. Joseph's business is caring for patients and residents. Knowing the community believes we are living our values of providing outstanding care in a compassionate manner is truly gratifying."

As one of the largest employers in the Comox Valley and having an annual operating budget of over $85 million, St. Joseph's is a major business and contributes to the economy of the Comox Valley in many ways. St. Joseph's is also very fortunate to have such great support from the Comox Valley businesses.