St. Joseph's General Hospital Health Care with Compassion  


All medications provided to inpatients during their hospital stay come from the Pharmacy Department, strictly as written by the attending physicians, and dispensed by a pharmacist. Patients on long-term medications, and those attending the Medical or Surgical Daycare may be asked to provide their own medications. Medications supplied by the patient must be identified by Pharmacy before they can be given.

The pharmacist's role is to ensure that the appropriate medications are safely dispensed to the patient. Intravenous medications are prepared in the Pharmacy using special equipment to ensure sterility and patient safety.

Hospital pharmacies are not licensed to fill general outpatient prescriptions. All prescriptions written at the time of discharge, therefore, need to be filled at a retail pharmacy. Cancer patients registered with the B.C. Cancer Agency are the one exception. Approved cancer treatment medications are provided to these patients with counseling and written information as a back-up.

If patients or their families have any questions regarding medications, they speak to the Pharmacy Department by phone, at 339-1481.

The department is open Monday - Sunday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.