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Patient Care - Psychiatry

In the view of the professionals of the Psychiatry Department, all people have physical, emotional and spiritual needs. When a person has trouble defining and meeting those needs, life goes poorly.

Treatment on the inpatient unit promotes healthy living through adequate rest, nutrition and exercise; provides a realistic, goal-directed environment; promotes increasing responsibility to a patient's self and to others; promotes increasing independence in decision-making; and promotes improved inter-personal relationships.

The Inpatient Unit has 22 beds, four of which are dedicated to Psychiatric Intensive Care. This department also offers Crisis Intervention, Substance Intervention, Adult Day Therapy Program, Adolescent Outpatient Service, and a Psychogeriatric Outreach Program.

Crisis intervention is available seven days/week for persons requiring immediate assessment and triage for a psychiatric/mental health crisis.

Substance Intervention offers assessment, intervention and referral for persons requiring detox.

The Adult Day Therapy Program provides various group therapy experiences with the hope of decreasing distress within the patient's current relationships. Difficulties may have resulted from trauma, depression or anxiety. Patients may be referred by their family doctor or from the Campbell River/Courtenay Mental Health Centre.

The Adolescent Outpatient Services provides continuous intervention for adolescents experiencing serious psychiatric difficulties, such as depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, or thought disorders. The service commonly sees adolescents where the psychiatric disorder co-occurs with a medical illness or with substance abuse.

Adolescent Outpatient Services accepts referrals for therapy directly from families seeking service. Caregivers or school personnel may also phone to facilitate referrals on behalf of teens and their families. To access a psychiatric assessment, physicians can request a physician referral form. For more information call (250) 339-1525

The Upper Island Psychogeriatric Outreach Program provides assessments to persons who have developed a psychiatric disorder in later life. The team provides education and support to all caregivers, including family members. The team consists of a nurse coordinator, two facility liaison nurses, two occupational therapists and two consulting geriatric psychiatrists. They travel from the Comox Valley up to the North end of Vancouver Island. Individuals may be referred by their family doctor, Continuing Care, or Courtenay Mental Health Centre.

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