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Mammography Screening

Mammography Screening

HOPE for breast cancer diagnosis and survivalAs with Terry Fox's Marathon of Hope for Cancer, this beautiful quilt at St. Joseph's Hospital signifies HOPE for breast cancer diagnosis and survival. The Mammography Section of our Diagnostic Imaging Department is extremely proud of the symbol of commitment that this quilt represents. This commitment is a joint effort between our Mammography Program and our Breast Health Volunteer Group. We offer this joint commitment to the women of the Comox Valley in the hope that we will make an early diagnosis of all breast cancers so that the women who are diagnosed will survive. We applaud and thank Nora Lewis for her creativity and design.

Along with the Screening Mammography Program of B.C., we advocate for the three cornerstones of breast health: regular breast self-examination, regular mammography and an annual physical examination by a physician.

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All women between the ages of 40 and 50 are eligible to participate annually in the Screening Program of B.C. It is recommended that women between 50-74 participate biennially unless they have new symptoms. This service is available to women without a visit to their physician and can be accessed by phoning the Screening booking clerk at 890-3020 or by calling toll free 1-800-663-9203.. We have been offering the program at St. Joseph's Hospital since 1998 and are pleased that , as well as the examination, we provide a fast tracking reporting system that reduces the reporting time if an abnormality is found. Since 1998, we have seen 6,300 women which represents only about 30% of the eligible women. We encourage more women to participate as early detection is the key to survival of a breast cancer.

We read the results of a recently released cross-Canada study comparing mortality from breast cancer in two groups of women aged 50-59. The main findings of the study were: Cancers were found earlier in women receiving mammography and there was no difference in the death rates from breast cancer in the two groups. However, the significant fact remains that the study was conducted between 1980-1985 and that the technology of early detection with mammography has changed dramatically since the late 1980's. We know and understand that thorough physical examinations provide a complimentary way to detect breast cancer in addition to the use of mammography.

Admire our beautiful quilt when you come for your mammogram.