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Time to Make a Difference

Volunteer StaffSt. Joseph’s has a thriving volunteer program of energetic, committed, motivated community members who contribute their time and energy to our patients and residents.

Volunteers are important, valued members of our hospital community, complementing the professional health care provided by staff. They add a personal touch and extra measure of compassion and support.

We have opportunities for both adults and youth from Grade 8 to 12. Click here for information about our youth program.

For adults, we have volunteering opportunities in both acute care and residential care. On the acute side, our volunteers provide patient reception and support in many areas, and help with a wide variety of tasks. In residential care, there are regular weekly activities, programs, outings, visiting and support to the elderly and frail residents of The Views. In addition, you may join St. Joseph’s Hospital Auxiliary, an independent volunteer organization that supports the hospital in many ways. Click here for more information about the Auxiliary.

Most of our volunteer opportunities are on weekdays, during the day. If you are restricted to volunteering in the evening or on weekends, your choices will be more limited.

Becoming a Volunteer

First, be realistic about your commitment and available time. Our volunteers are an important part of our services and we need to know that you can commit to being here when you said you would be.

Once you are ready, the process is easy.

  1. Call Volunteer Services at 250-339-1548 or 250-890-3030 for information about the next orientation session, and to register. Orientations usually take place on the second Tuesday of the month, from 9:00 – 12:00. Wear comfortable walking shoes.
  2. Attend the orientation, at which you will learn about all the opportunities, expectations and guidelines for volunteers, as well as tour the hospital. If you decide that you would like to become a volunteer, complete an application form and the pledge of confidentiality before you leave. You will be provided with reference forms for two people to complete, with return envelopes.
  3. Your two personal references complete the reference forms and mail them to Volunteer Services. References should be people who know you well but are not family members.
  4. Once Volunteer Services receives both of your references, the Team Leader in the area in which you would like to volunteer will contact you to set up a time for your placement orientation. This is your training session where you will learn the specifics of your volunteer job.
  5. Once you feel comfortable with your duties, you will join the volunteer schedule.
Volunteer Staff

For More Information

For more information about volunteering at St. Joseph’s, please call or e-mail.

Manager, Volunteer Services - Caroline Hoon
Phn: 250-339-1548

Administrative Assistant - Annette Moore
Phn: 250-890-3030