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"The mission of St. Joseph’s General Hospital is to dedicate its resources to a ministry of healing by providing services for the present and future health needs of the people which it serves."

In carrying out this mission, St. Joseph’s General Hospital embodies Christian principles of health care in the Catholic tradition. For those we serve, and those providing the service, our inspirations are the qualities of commitment, compassion, competence, human dignity and social responsibility in caring for the whole person.

Welcome to the St. Joseph's General Hospital's web site

Jane Murphy

Jane Murphy - President & CEO

St. Joseph's General Hospital is owned by the Bishop of Victoria, A Corporation sole and is directed locally by a Board of Directors comprised of Comox Valley residents.

Within the Province of British Columbia's health insurance system, and by an Affiliation Agreement with the Vancouver Island Health Authority, St. Joseph's General Hospital's mandate is to provide acute, complex care, residential and ambulatory health services to meet the present and future needs of the communities which it serves.

The Hospital's approach is to conduct such services in a Christian value based atmosphere of "Care With Compassion" in the Catholic tradition of the Healing Ministry.

St. Joseph's General Hospital began in 1913 when the Comox Logging Company inquired of the Bishop of Victoria whether an Order of Sisters could be found to provide care for their loggers and their families. It was the Sisters of St. Joseph's of Toronto who responded to this invitation, bringing Christian virtues and traditions. With the introduction of the Province-wide health insurance system in the 1960's, that invitation to now includes all residents of BC and specifically those residing in the North Island.

In 1989 the Sisters of St. Joseph's transferred ownership to the Diocese of Victoria, A Corporation sole.

St. Joseph's is a general community hospital that also provides regional services. As a general community hospital it serves the 65,000 people of the Comox Valley; from Bowser in the South to the Oyster River in the North, including the islands of Denman and Hornby.

As a hospital providing regional specialist services, it serves 125,000 residents of the North Island; from Bowser in the South to Port Hardy in the North, Tahsis in the West and Powell River in the East, and all the islands in between.

St. Joseph's is a 241 bed (116 Acute Care and 125 Complex Care) facility. It provides a full spectrum of services normally found in a facility serving a population of this size with specialties in Anesthesia, Ear Nose & Throat, Emergency Medicine; General Surgery, Gynecology, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics, Mobile MRI, Pathology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Radiology and Urology, in addition to a full complement of Family Practitioners, Midwives and Oral Surgeons, as well as Dentists; all supported by a full spectrum of technology and staff in diagnostic imaging, laboratory and rehabilitation medicine.

On behalf of the Diocese of Victoria, the Hospital's Board of Directors, the Hospital Foundation, physicians, staff and volunteers we wish to extend our warmest welcome. We hope you find within this website, evidence of our true "Care With Compassion" as we assist you in your needs.

Please do not hesitate to email us to tell us how we can help you. Our purpose is to serve.

May God bless you,

   Bishop Gary Gordon
   Christopher Kelsey – Chair
   Jane Murphy - President & CEO
   Patti Fletcher - Foundation President